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The Full Corn Moon

September’s Corn Moon refers to the time of year after the autumn equinox when crops were gathered by Native Americans. Corn, pumpkins, squash, beans, and wild rice are the chief Native American staples that were ready for gathering. September’s most familiar moon name however is harvest moon, referring to this full moon’s particularly bright appearance and early rise, which lets farmers continue harvesting into the night.

18th #FullMoonEngageMe Schedule

Our free event will start on Saturday the 26th of September 2015 at +/- 07:00 UTCand will last until Wednesday the 30th at +/- 24:00 in HERE.

Anything special or different in this 18th edition?

Yes! Since last month, Empire Avenue became Empire.Kred including new domain and new look. If two years ago I said that we all had kred somewhere, Kred now says that the score was just the tip of the iceberg

I am new…

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How to create a more enjoyable Empire Avenue for Newstarters?

Eav Daily Tips

As I wrote in my article Supporting Newstarters on Empire Avenue #EAv , I started a new account (e)EAVDAILYTIPS as a Newbie, to see how its to be nowadays!

Based on this experience, I write this article because I really think that there are needed some changes on the Avenue to create a more enjoyable place for newstarters and to keep growing the social media network ‘Empire Avenue’ .  Nowadays the amount of active newstarters accounts are decreasing every day, unfortunatly!

mobileworldAs you saw in my earlier article We are Living in a mobile world! Is that True for Empire Avenue?  I concluded that Empire Avenue is not ready yet and am sure, it will be a “Show Stopper” for many people who joined the Avenue recently!!

Besides that, there are more things, thats why I  write this article!

How is it with the newstarters on the Avenue nowadays ?

Looking deeper into…

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Vote for your favourite Photos in the Empire Avenue Photography Contest – March 2015

Empire Kred

The entries for the March photo competition have been arriving steadily and there are now over 35 entrants . I think this is a record .

We now need you to choose your favorites from the photos taken by Empire Avenue members

The theme is “Color It Green” Theme. It’s all about the color green. Some of the photos are artistic , some are gems and we want you to decide which is best.

Visit the page on Facebook where you will see each photo , next to the picture is a vote button – simply click it to record your vote.

If you click on the photo image , you can see more information

The photographers names are not attached to the photos so that the photo can be judged on its own merits

Place your vote(s) here

1st Place…4 million eaves
2nd Place…3 million eaves

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EA in a Nutshell!

Simple… but not …

Harold's Garden

OK I guess I am nutty enough to be perfectly equipped to give the nutshell overview of Empire Avenue.

The quick overview of EA is that it is a site that is based on evaluating & supporting your social media activity. The currency is eaves. You get eaves by doing missions (SM activity) for others. You get eaves when folks buy your stock. You can purchase eaves also, but most eaves are generated by investing…that is purchasing the stock of folks with strong social media networks. Although my shares are expensive (1436.72 per share), I generate about 2 eaves for every share that you own. A Newbies shares are cheap (less than l00 per share) largely because the social media activity only generates 0.10 or 0.20 eave per share.

You can use eaves to purchase stocks that may generate more eaves for you. I got around 27 Million eaves yesterday. You can…

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Empire Avenue Newbie Advice (The Third Hour)

Eav Daily Tips

This third hour is not necessarily about techniques on how to ‘play’ on the Avenue, but more about the why.  In my previous article, I had asked you to grab a piece of paper and write down why you joined the avenue and what you expect from it.  You have done that, right?

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you would want to be on Empire Avenue:

You are a business, and/or have a brand or product to promote.  You are using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and maybe some other Social Media sites to help you with that task, however it is always you that does the promoting.  How about getting others with similar interests involved in promoting for you?  That is exactly where Empire Avenue comes is. It is a collection of people from all walks of life, nationalities and industries;  there are some very famous…

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Empire Avenue Newbie Advice (The Second Hour)

Eav Daily Tips

You have followed all the steps outlined in my previous article “Empire Avenue Newbie Advice (The First Hour)” and by now it is the second hour of your Empire Avenue existence.

Surely, at this point  some people have invested in you.  You should see your share price rising and find some ‘welcome’ comments from your investors on your profile.

First thing you want to do is reinvest in everyone who has bought you to this point.  And, therein lies a problem.  Your account is not stocked with a lot of eaves to invest in others, so you have to invest smart, meaning don’t buy as much from everyone as you can, instead buy 1,5 or 10 shares, just to acknowledge their investment in you and begin a relationship with them.  When you buy shares in others, make sure you put a comment on their profile (the box will pop…

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Empire Avenue Newbie Advice (The First Hour)

Eav Daily Tips

Well, here you are.  You have created an account on Empire Avenue and now you are wondering what to do.

Here are a few tips on how to proceed:

  • First and foremost, take the time to completely fill out your profile.

    Tell the other members who you are, what you are about, and what they can expect from interacting (investing) in you.  Include a picture in your profile, we are all tired of the grey avatar and it makes interacting a lot more personal when we can see who you are.  If you are a brand or business, it is OK to use your logo instead of a personal photo, but please do not keep it the standard avatar.

  • Second, connect all your Social Media networks.  Empire Avenue will track your interactions on those networks and they help define your EAV persona as well as improve your dividends.
  • Third, spend some…

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Memory is an illusion – Alan Watts



“See, memory is an illusion – it’s all gone – so everything you know about, that makes an impression on you, is no longer there. That memory has got you hooked – it holds you to the past, and it holds you to death. But on the other hand, what is life, except there is a memory, except there is an echo. So, the course of time is really very much like the course of a ship in the ocean. It leaves behind it a wave, and that tells us where the ship has been, in just the same way as the past and our memory of the past tells us what we have done. Now the important thing to remember in this illustration is that the wave doesn’t drive the ship. So you see, if you insist on being determined by the past, that’s your game. But the fact…

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Send your stock soaring at [X]PendaPalooza 14

Empire Kred

Send your stock soaring at [X]PendaPalooza 14

[X]PendaPalooza was one of the first (maybe THE first) community-driven events at Empire Avenue. As you probably know, the community has organized 13 of them!  Now that the players have taken the reins, let’s celebrate with an [X]panded [X]traordinary[X]PendaPalooza 14!
[X]Panded  On April 25, 26, and 27 players will converge on the Avenue for a frenzy of buying. Big players run LOTS of missions to give away eaves and shares. New players build wealth by selling shares and doing missions.  Everyone can network and connect at  the [X]PendaPalooza community and at related special events.
[X]traOrdinary  For the first time, the Empire Avenue Leaders Community will co-host the event with the original founding community, [X]Bar.  Omar Habayeb is back to organize the event. EAVLeaders will run special missions, flash contests, and organize fun events…

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