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Protect Yourself from Big Brother!

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If you really want to get out from under ‘Big Brothers’ thumb’ and have your privacy back here is the path…. Lief Simon is your guide.


Interested in protecting yourself from ever-bigger Big Brother? Not interested in being tracked by the NSA, MI6, Mossad, or any other “intelligence agency”? Don’t want to be hounded by the IRS for tax forms detailing your assets? Don’t want banks reporting your accounts to U.S. authorities?

You’re not alone…and there is a solution:

Go offline.

I’m not talking simply about logging out of your email account, turning off your computer, ditching your smart phone, and de-friending the world on Facebook, though that’s the place to start. I’m talking about getting back to basics. I’m talking about no electronics…no telephone…no bank account.

That’s the extreme you’ll need to go to if you’re serious about escaping Big Brother. No, it’s not easy, but it’s possible.

You can do it in many countries. I know people who have effectively accomplished this strategy in Panama, Argentina, Uruguay, and Ecuador. Here’s the formula.

Buy a piece of property that can produce food. You don’t need a lot of land to produce enough food for you and your family. Five acres can be enough. Or you could buy a larger plot to farm for a profit. A friend in Panama has planted coconuts and bananas on 40 acres. Once the plants and trees produce, he’ll have a nice income, as well as a steady supply of fruit for himself.

Another friend bought a few thousand acres and is raising cattle in Argentina.

Next, build a self-sufficient house. You’re ahead of the game if you choose to settle and build your new off-the-radar home in a place where you don’t need air conditioning and a fireplace is all you need for heat. Solar systems today are small, affordable, and efficient. Self-composting toilets and other “green” septic systems are easy to find and install yourself.

I read last week about a guy who built a home completely out of materials he found on his land using a hammer and hand-saw. That may be a more extreme approach than most of us are up for, but the house looked comfortable and was energy-efficient.

Next, turn off the electronics. Once you’ve bought your land and built your house, turn off all the computers, phones, tablets, and other gadgets. Dump your Facebook, Google+, and Twitter accounts. No more Internet. No more email.

Finally, dump your credit cards. Go back to cash and bartering.

Follow this plan, and you’ll be hard to track. Of course, you’ll also be living a basic and isolated life. But you’ll be off the radar of government agencies worldwide. For some, that reward compensates for the downsides.

If you’re not up for turning the clock back a hundred years, then expect to be tracked to ever-greater extremes. The U.S. government is going to “protect” us Americans until it crushes us. Stand up to it as and when you can. Denounce it when appropriate.

And create a backup plan that includes a small farm in a remote country where you could escape should it all become more than you can take.

Lief Simon

Slowest Start To A Hurricane Season On Record

Real Science

Obama says that hurricanes are getting worse, based on some research done at the Choom Climatological Institute.

As we approach the end of August, there have been no Atlantic hurricanes. By this date in the year 1886, there had already been seven hurricanes – including three major hurricanes, one of which wiped the city of Indianola, Texas off the map.

ScreenHunter_357 Aug. 24 09.14

1886 Atlantic hurricane season – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A kinder, gentler natural hurricane from 1886

ScreenHunter_359 Aug. 24 09.46

Obama’s presidency has also seen the fewest US hurricane landfalls of any president. Three hurricanes have hit the US while he was in office, compared to twenty-six while Grover Cleveland was in office.

ScreenHunter_19 May. 08 06.04

Chronological List of All Hurricanes

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A Departing Statement from Omar Habayeb

Omar has made a difference. He will be missed my everyone who knew him.

Empire Avenue Tips

eav-omar-EDUPRENEURIn a move that surprised many of us, Omar Habayeb, one of the longest standing and most active Empire Avenue users, has called it quits.  Omar provided a statement to me, which I am publishing here unedited with his permission:

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If you participate at Empire Avenue and you don’t know about Paul’s blog it’s time you spend part of every day there. Your play will improve and your enjoyment!

Empire Avenue Tips

empire avenue missions improvementsEmpire Avenue has made a couple of small but significant improvements to missions.

The first is a bigger box to enter the mission description.   While just a cosmetic change, it certainly improves the user experience over the tiny box that used to serve that purpose.

The second improvement is the introduction of a dozen new mission reward amounts…

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Take a little time to go through this… if you boss let’s you OR become your own boss!

The Main Street Analyst

For the most part, when we think of time waste at work, we think social media. It’s just so easily accessible as well as entertaining (to some extent). But according to a number of recent studies, it isn’t really all that time consuming. Sure, employees are not as productive while browsing social media, but the occurrences are less common than other wasteful workplace practices.

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My Empire Avenue Rules

I am at the 20-month point at Empire Avenue.  I earn nearly 2.5 million eaves every day. You can do a lot with 2.5 million of anything!  My basic strategy is to buy dividends.

What has me buy?

I buy anyone who is active.  I max out on anyone paying dividends above .80.  The higher the better and I own everyone paying above 1.  If you are and I don’t own you say hi! Buy one of mine and I will own my max of you today.

I buy new people who show promise. I buy everyone on the leader lists.  Naturally the more eaves you earn the more you will buy too.

What has me sell?

If at least three of the following situations is present I will sell you.

You haven’t changed your avatar from the default EA smiling face to yours.

You do not own any shares of me.

Your dividend is less than .32 and especially below .20.

You haven’t been on Empire in a week or longer.

Your share price is negative.

Your history of negative share price is getting worse.

My value in you has gone negative.

I usually sell shares two days a week and I buy shares every day.  The days I sell it is often the case that more than three items on the above list are present.  If you own my shares, I tend to be very forgiving and nearly everything else has to be true for me to say good bye.

Have a fun day playing on Empire Avenue!